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November 23, 2013

Two days ago one of my friends told me that he was glad that I didn’t kill myself (sometime between 2012 and February 2013 I suffered from suicidal depression). I told him yeah, I’m glad too, then I asked what brought it up. He told me that a friend of his had just killed himself.

It’s things like this which indicate that we who have overcome something almost have a responsibility to talk about it, to get it into the public consciousness. By becoming fruitarian I’ve overcome seizures, depression, and physical inactivity, and I’ve talked at length about the seizures and inactivity. With the exceptions of snippets here and there, and a mention in an interview, I’ve avoided going over my depression at length. That has to change.

After asking me a series of questions in October 2012, my doctor told me that I was severely depressed and she recommended that I see a therapist. I told her no. Between then and February 19th, 2013 I tried to commit suicide through medication overdose three times.

The reason I refused to see a therapist was because of embarrassment. I’m on my dad’s health insurance, so if I went to therapy, he’d find out whether I wanted him to or not. He’d tell my mom, my mom would probably make me stay with her so she could supervise me I’d have to tell my friends why I was moving back home, and my life – whatever it was – would be shattered… Whether that would’ve turned out to be true or not, that was my thought process. I was too embarrassed to seek help.

And so I tried to kill myself three times with Vicodin and/or Lamictal XR.

I do want to note that, on the scale of suicide attempts, my overdoses pale in severity to people who have shot, cut, or hung themselves. I could have tried harder to kill myself, and I don’t mean to minimize others’ suicides by using my own smaller attempts as examples.

I do think that I can offer some universal insight, however.

As I mentioned above, I was too embarrassed to let other people know that I was depressed and regularly thought about killing myself. I assume that that’s exactly how it is with many other people who are depressed. You hear about it all the time – one day a kid is found dead in their room, and then everyone close to them says that they didn’t see it coming. That they had no idea he or she was suicidal.

The reason is because people can put on a good mask to protect themselves.

I know that when I was around people, I pretended to be as okay as I could be, then I would go home and try to go to sleep, frightened of the next day. I really had nothing to be scared of, but I was just scared. No one knew that, though, and so if one day one of my overdose attempts was successful, everyone would say they didn’t see it coming.

You can’t wait for one of your friend’s funerals to express your love for them. You can’t wish that you had made them always welcome at your home. I don’t mean to plant the seeds of doubt, but people you treasure could be depressed and suicidal and they’re just too embarrassed to tell anybody.

What you can do is express your love whether they seem depressed or not. What’s the worst that can happen if someone you love isn’t depressed and you tell them how much you appreciate them? You’ll receive thanks? But on the off chance that a person you reach out to is depressed, your love might make them feel a little bit safer in a world they’re scared of.

I know that there were a few select people who made me feel safer when I was depressed. They didn’t stop me from trying to kill myself, but their love might be what stopped me from trying to kill myself with a more effective method. Their love might be what helped me choose to adopt a healthy fruitarian lifestyle after my third suicide attempt. Without their love, I might have succeeded in ending my life.

Love is important. Express it. Whether you know it or not, your love might save the life of someone you cherish. Where others are embarrassed to share their fear, have the courage to share your love. I know that I could have used more of it when I was suffering.

And if you ‘re depressed and you’re reading this, two things: 1) You are loved (trust me on this one), and 2) A lot of your depression could be directly tied to the food you’re eating. More than nine months ago my diet was based around refined sugars and chemicals that altered my brain chemistry. I cut that junk out of my diet and I saw an immediate turnaround. You might see a turnaround as well if you cut out the junk too!

Blood Test on Bananas (Bananas-Only Diet Part II)

November 19, 2013

Hey all!

It’s been a while. Admittedly I could have been a better blogger, but here I am and I hope I’m here to stay!

I recently finished another bananas-only month. And unlike last time, I didn’t eat anything except bananas – I didn’t stray for even a second. Also unlike last time, I got my blood tested immediately following the month and the results are mind-blowingly positive.

The Rules:

  1. Eat 30 bananas a day for at least 30 days, nothing else except water.
  2. That’s about it.

What happened:

  1. I ate only bananas for 33 days. I managed to maintain 30 every day up until the very end when I caught up on many days of no sleep. 975 bananas in total though!
  2. I made another athletic jump. I ran a 5K and then 45 minutes later ran 11.42 miles for fun, without breaking a sweat.
  3. I started looking younger again. Some of my coworkers at my new job don’t believe that I’m 22 years old – so I’ve thrown them a bone and “admitted” that I’m 17.
  4. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but I lost a significant amount of body fat. I’m extremely lean now.
  5. After the 33rd day and a 12-hour water fast I got my blood tested, and the results are fascinating!

Before I continue with my full blood results list, there are a few notable things:

  1. The only real negative result that appeared on my tests is my Lp(a) levels… They’re kind of through the roof! Lp(a) – AKA Lipoprotein(a) – is a “different form of LDL”, and while that result had me shocked initially (How can my LDL levels be through the roof on just bananas!?!?) after researching further I learned that Lp(a) is affected be genetics and not diet whatsoever. Which means the only negative indication on my blood results has absolutely nothing to do with my diet or lifestyle!
  2. My Protein level is 7.5. The healthy range is 6 to 8.6. Let’s put aside that lie about how you can’t get Protein from fruit – in this case, bananas!
  3. My Calcium level is 10.1, and the healthy range is 8.7 to 10.3. The idea that you can’t get enough Calcium from fruit is also a lie, at least when bananas are involved.
  4. My Potassium level is 4.6. 6 months ago when I had my first blood test done, and I was eating probably 2 bananas a day, my Potassium level was 4.5. Eating 15x the bananas didn’t send my Potassium levels sky high! So let’s set aside the lie about how one can get too much Potassium from bananas.
  5. My Hemoglobin level is 15.1, which is very good. If this is indeed tied to the bananas, it makes sense that I receive athletic jumps when eating only bananas.
  6. I have anemia, so I’ve always known my Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell counts to be low. I’m beyond pleased to say that that is no longer the case! I’ve beat anemia! My RBC level is 4.78 and my WBC level is 5.3! And across the board my blood health is perfect. I haven’t ever been this pleased with a test result.

So at least my blood seems to think that bananas are pretty perfect.

By the way, you can call me Tanner Bananner! :-)

See ya!

Full Blood Test Results:

Basic Lipid Panel

Total Cholesterol (< 200 is good)

LDL ( 40 is good)

Triglycerides (< 150 is good)


LDL Particles

vLDL-C (5 – 41 is good)

Lp(a) (< 75 is good)
269 – High

Apo B (< 60 is good)
96 – High



hs-CRP (< 1 is good)


Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

Glucose (50 – 100 is good)

Hemoglobin A1c (< 5.7 is good)



TSH (0.45 – 4.21 is good)


Liver Enzymes and Function Tests

ALT/SGPT (8 – 41 is good)

ALP (40 – 129 is good)

AST/SGOT ( 3.5 is good)

Total Protein (6 – 8.6 is good)

Globulin (1.5 – 4.6 is good)

A/G Ratio (1.1 – 2.6 is good)


Kidney Function

Creatinine (serum) (0 – 1.21 is good)

eGFR (> 60 is good)

BUN (6 – 21 is good)
5 – Low

Albumin (> 3.5 is good)

BUN/Creatinine Ratio (9 – 21 is good)
5 – Low



Sodium (133 – 136 is good)

Potassium (3.5 – 5.1 is good)

Chloride (97 – 109 is good)
94 – Low

CO2 (22 – 30 is good)

Calcium (8.7 – 10.3 is good)



ALP (40 – 129 is good)

Calcium (8.7 – 10.3 is good)

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D (> 30 is good)
14.9 – Low


Red Blood Cells

RBC (4.1 – 5.7 is good)

Hemoglobin (12.5 – 17.1 is good)

Hematocrit (36 – 51 is good)

MCV (80 – 99 is good)

MCH (27 – 35 is good)

MCHC (32 – 37 is good)

RDW (12.3 – 15.1 is good)


White Blood Cells

White Blood Cell Count (3.8 – 10.8 is good)

Neutrophil Count (ANC) (1.5 – 7 is good)

% Neutrophil (40 – 75 is good)

Lymphocyte Count (absolute) (0.8 – 3.1 is good)

% Lymphocytes (14 – 47 is good)

Monocytes (absolute) (0.2 – 0.9 is good)

% Monocytes (4 – 12 is good)

Eosinophil (absolute) (0 – 0.5 is good)

% Eosinophils (0 – 5 is good)

Basophil (absolute) (0 – 0.3 is good)

% Basophils (0 – 4 is good)

Immature Granulocytes (< 1 is good)

Immature Granulocytes (absolute) (< 0.1 is good)



Platelet Count (155 – 379 is good)



25-Hydroxy Vitamin D (> 30 is good)
14.9 – Low

Welcome to Fruit for!

May 21, 2013

Three months ago the idea of me being a food blogger would’ve been crazy (the idea of a fruitarian blogger would’ve seemed impossible). It’s amazing how quickly time can change things.

I’m Tanner, by the way. Nice to meet you.

Expect to see updates in the form of vlogs, recipes with photos, and articles. I imagine this blog will be updated at least once or twice each week.

In the meantime I’m working on getting a solid amount of static information into the sidebar to your left.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you need me to help you out with your diet (or if you have any questions in general), check out the contact link to your left and get in touch.




March 14, 2013

One of my friends posted a status on Facebook* stating that people should learn to appreciate the good things that they have, and not always be seeking something better. The reasoning is that, if you’re always searching for “greener grass”, you’ll never be satisfied. It’s an interesting idea to sit on because I don’t think it’s that simplistic.

It’s important to be at peace with yourself and the world around you. If you aren’t, you run the risk of living a sad, lonely, unfulfilling life. But it’s not a good idea to not seek greener grass. We need to live (at least partially) on the idea of what we can be, not what we are. Have aspirations, desires — natural human traits — and make them happen.

Appreciate what we have but at least be open to better things. It’s good for us as individuals and good for society to not be sedentary.

* “A guy posted a status on Facebook…” is the new “A guy walked into a bar…”, isn’t it?

Food From Fresh

March 4, 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve made a bit of a diet shift. I’ve done away with all the chemically-treated refined salt, refined sugar, food “flavoring”, preservatives, canned food, and all of its ilk. Now my diet is purely fruit-based, with a few exceptions that don’t really change anything. It’s been approximately a week and a half since I’ve had a bleeding Oreo, and my, have my taste buds woken up. A fun fact is that I used to hate cucumber — I just couldn’t stand it. After reinvigorating my taste buds I’m thrilled to say that I now enjoy cucumber. It tastes like apple to me! And that’s certainly not all; nuts, other than peanuts, used to make me sick to my stomach. As of today I can snack on almonds without any pause, and I love it.

One of the biggest revelations is abandoning the canned food, though. Whereas before I would buy canned beans, I’m now preparing them from scratch; and any meal that calls for those beans I make completely from fresh ingredients. As an example, I’m going to start creating my own “baked beans in tomato sauce”, and everything from the navy beans to the tomato sauce is made 100% fresh. Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, garlic cloves, all fresh and local (or as local as possible). I haven’t made the baked beans in tomato sauce yet, but based on my experiences so far I expect to taste a massive difference and I won’t want to return to my canned ways.

And while local and fresh items are obviously better tasting and healthier than their pesticided and travelled kin, local food is often cheaper too! There’s a place nearby where I live called Portland Fruit West which describes itself as an “indoor farmer’s market”, which is a mostly accurate statement. PFW sources their fruit as locally as possible, and in instances where food isn’t grown locally, it’s imported from the nearest location where it is. I encourage everyone to spend an extra few hours each week to make food from fresh — we’re killing ourselves by eating stuff that’s meant for bunkers when the world ends. Buy fresh and local, save money, eat raw fruits and vegetables, and develop some cooking skills when a situation calls for it.

For inspiration, watch Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (preferably the UK version). The most consistently important thing in turning failing restaurants around is getting rid of pre-cooked plasticky stuff and making the menu completely fresh. You can taste the difference through the screen, and it’s certainly been an inspiration to me in this process.

No News Today – Sorry

January 14, 2013

I’ve finished moving into my new home, woohoo! Good to be finally done.

See you tomorrow.

9.1: Foot, Meet Mouth

January 2, 2013

Engadget is reporting a Chitika finding that the iPad dropped to only 78.86% US web browser share for tablets.

Yours truly, somewhere over a month ago:

Statistics show that around 90% of tablet traffic on the web comes from iPads and I expect that to do nothing but grow.

That said, I still don’t think Apple has anything to worry about.

6.1: The US Joins The Dark Side

December 30, 2012

Not news from today, but here’s a moderately recent piece found on Yahoo! Philippines.

The American netizens have spoken, and they want the White House to start building a Death Star —the moon-sized superweapon featured in the “Star Wars” franchise— by 2016.

Sign me up.

No News Today – Sorry

December 26, 2012

Sorry all, I’ve been kinda busy vacationing and all. ;-)

As a sidenote, I’m starting to learn a programming language called “Processing”. It’s fun, uses math, and I recommend you check it out too. You can find information on it here.

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