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Staying True to Yourself

September 26, 2013

Hi everybody, it’s been a while! I’ll keep this short.

I’m hosting a fundraiser in a few days for a Fruit Run 5K and I’m simultaneously super excited and super scared!

Initially the fundraiser was going to be a banana split stand. Yup, banana and ice cream and chocolate — as in dairy, which is a food group I intensely disagree with. I told myself “look at the big picture”. That I should ignore that it’s dairy and raise money for an event that will help make fruits and vegetables accessible. I felt completely ashamed when one of my fruit friends asked me what the fundraiser was, and that feeling isn’t healthy.


We changed our plans at the last minute, and now Ritam (my partner) and I will be selling one-ingredient ice cream, that ingredient being bananas. I’m staying true to myself and I have so much energy because of it, and my enthusiasm for what I’m selling is genuine.

If I’m capable of giving life advice, don’t settle because “the big picture” is asking you to. Make the big picture settle with what makes you happy, because the result is going to be so much healthier. In my case, figuratively and literally!

See you soon,


Being A “Big Fruit Eater” In Public

June 5, 2013

Two nights ago in a New Seasons I built and two Grapefruit Salads, five bananas, and a bag of grapes. Another customer sitting down looked over at me eating probably 10 lb of fruit, and asked me “Are you a big fruit eater?” I responded that I’m a fruitarian, so yeah. He inquired further — “you only eat fruit?”, “how do you get protein?”, etc. — and I answered all of his questions.

One of the most fascinating things about this fruitarian lifestyle, is how complete strangers solicit me. It’s very strange, people seem to either be curious and interested, or they’re insecure and detest me because of my diet. There’s no-one in the middle — at least not that I’ve seen — and the behavior is fascinating to observe.

I think that as a fruitarian it’s important to be a big fruit eater in public. The people who are curious why I’m eating a mountain of fruit will inquire, and my answers to their questions could change their life. For example, the man who asked me if I was a big fruit eater walked away from New Seasons two evenings ago with a new perspective on fruit. Knowing that fruit has protein, he’s now more likely to increase his fruit intake which is beneficial to his health.

It’s probably not highly likely, but I might’ve helped extend a stranger’s life by a few years. It’s an opportunity which most people don’t often get, yet I can’t go a day without being solicited about my diet. That idea is an intense confidence booster, and I look forward to the day when more people experience it.

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