Before I get into anything, thanks for stopping by! My name is Montana (and I’m a male, FYI. I hate having a gender neutral name), although a few people call me either “Tanner” or “MG”, so take your pick. I’ll be your writer and host for the near and hopefully long-term future, and it’s my job to get you to enjoy your stay! I’ll try my best.

If you need anything, check out the contact page and send me a note. Until then, read on for what (slightly) unkommon is about (the point of an “about” page, no?):

(slightly) unkommon is tough to describe, particularly because of how alive it is. As of this writing it’s shifted from featuring tech articles and movie reviews, to just tech articles, to just movie reviews, to a mix of them again, to daily commentary on various news items, and finally, random thoughts.

(To be coherent, my friend Ant might have put it best, in calling (slightly) unkommon a collection of my thoughts.)

The current format:

Monday through Friday:
One article per day.

This format is subject to outright change at any time, and I expect it to. Less than three years blogging might seem like a while, but it’s still early days and I’d be foolish to not explore growth opportunities.

Thanks, and happy reading!


PS. And if you’re wondering what I look like, here’s a pic of me (and a bit of my mom and uncle)!


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