Cooked Rewards

July 25, 2013

One of the things that fruitarians and raw vegans face is an onslaught of cooked food. It’s everywhere! Cooked food is inescapable, and I think that it’s dangerous socially to be afraid of cooked food if it’s vegan*, and it’s dangerous mentally to not address cooked cravings if you have them.


We also shouldn’t be going around eating cooked food like there’s no tomorrow, even if it is vegan. Cooked food is dead food, and you notice how useless it is if you only eat raw, living fruits and vegetables for a while. So what can we do about cravings or social isolation?

For every notable accomplishment, reward yourself with a single High Carb Cooked Vegan (HCCV) meal. Think potatoes, noodles, beans, rice, and any number of vegan items inbeteween which are low in fat and high in carbs. If you’re really craving a burrito (no queso, no carne!) then earn that burrito by completing a reward-worthy task.

What’s “reward-worthy” can vary by person. For me, that would be publishing my “Fitness on Fast Food Day” (a fitness/lifestyle experiment I did) findings. Completing a chapter in Duolingo [iTunes link], the app I’m using to learn Spanish. Completing an entire course in iTunes U or Running 15 miles instead of 7.5. Anything that, when completed, has me breathing a sigh of relief and saying “frikkin’ finally!”.

If you, as a fruitarian or raw vegan, apply this rule to yourself — that you’re allotted one HCCV meal per accomplishment — you can turn your cooked cravings into productivity. A negative feeling can yield a positive outcome.

As of this writing I have three HCCV meals which need a companion accomplishment. Admittedly I’ve adopted this rule to quell my own cravings and lead to a more productive me, though I think a lot of us could benefit from practicing it.

* Always be afraid of meat and dairy, though!

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