The Bananas-Only Diet! The End and the Shortly After

July 11, 2013

It happened. Last Saturday was the 30th day of my 30 days eating only bananas — 30 bananas, every day of it. It’s probably been the most amazing experience of my life, and I have notes!

My Personal Changes

  • I look like I’m 17 years old. I can’t pass as my age, but I could pass as a high school student. As one person said, I look like I maybe just graduated high school.
  • My hair is shinier, my nails are harder, my skin is clearer, and my overall physiology has improved.
  • My energy levels went through the roof. There were many days where I had trouble sleeping because I was so pumped.
  • I’m personally more comfortable with myself and my diet, and I no longer fear a downward spiral if I give into a craving every now and then.
  • I learned that there is no limit to the amount one can poop.

My Social Experiences

  • Everyone asked why I was eating a pile of bananas if they saw me.
  • Everyone who asked me why I was eating a pile of bananas asked about protein. Every. Single. One.
  • After learning about my quest, some people poked my abdomen to see if they could feel fat. In public and completely unsolicited.
  • Some people who I know maintained that I could die from potassium poisoning — despite the fact that I ate 30 bananas a day all the way to 900 bananas in a month. I still haven’t disproven the old wive’s tale in their eyes.
  • It wasn’t uncommon for people to call me unhealthy and likely to die. One said that as he ate four cinnamon rolls.
  • The overwhelming majority of people were curious and fascinated as I answered their questions. Only a few took offense, but those who did very clearly wanted me to disappear and I actually felt threatened once.

After the Diet (So Far)

  • I’ve had an extremely difficult time leaving bananas exclusively. There has been one day so far where I almost starved myself because the only thing I wanted was ripe bananas and I had none. I’ve tried kickstarting my taste buds with a high carb cooked vegan meal here and there, and that’s helped slow my banana cravings.
  • When not basically starving myself, I’ve been maintaining the very high level of energy and have upped my top distance-running speed to 7.5 mph (up from 6.5).


Unless you have an allergy to bananas, I recommend the bananas-only diet. 30 bananas a day for 30 days. You can do it. You’ll see the world differently not only because of the mental and physical enhancements you’ll develop, but because you’ll rock the world around you. You’ll achieve a higher level of discipline as you have to exclude yourself from things that you really want to do, and as you defeat intense pressure from everyone to end the diet prematurely.

Taking up the bananas-only diet — or even fruitarianism in general — is you visibly putting the quality of your lifestyle first. You’re effectively setting fire to everything everyone’s ever known, and while there are less culturally controversial ways to improve your health, A) they probably aren’t as good and B) they don’t display your intentions as honestly — you won’t as easily learn “who your friends are”. Some people I know have been horrible to me, and others have taken a greater interest.

A few people will call you selfish, but really, it’s more selfish of others to think that their time is more important than your health. Anyone who thinks that your health shouldn’t be your first priority is someone who you don’t need to know — on a fruitarian diet, and especially on bananas-only, you will learn who you do need to know. That I think is as almost valuable as the health and physiological benefits.

This is the final banana on the diet, by the way. :-)


2 Responses to “The Bananas-Only Diet! The End and the Shortly After”

  1. victoria Says:

    Since I’ve become fruitarian (mostly) some people have been really mean to me as well and it is very difficult. I like how you said putting your health first is never selfish-it’s selfish of the other people to ask you not to put it first. Your blog is great.

    • Tanner Says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry to hear about people being mean. It’s not your failing, it’s theirs, unfortunately we have to live with it. Just stay strong and you’ll do great! :-)

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