The Bananas-Only Diet! Day 25: Cut the (Fake) Fat

July 2, 2013

Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m just up to my ears in bananas (I’m carrying 62 on me right now. 62!) and the energy has caused me to exercise more than usual, I’ve become more social than usual, and there is that whole work thing.

I have a ton of notes which I’ll reserve for my completion of this 30 day monkey-style diet, but one thing which I want to address today is how eating 30 bananas a day — otherwise known as 3600 kcals a day — has led to noticeable weight loss. I knew going into this diet that I’d lose “water weight”, which is basically fake fat, or bloat — fat that we don’t need and really shouldn’t be there.

Prior to eating bananas-only, I fit into a 32×30 pant size with a comfortable belt-tightening. My hips didn’t lie, relative to my overall size, my waist could’ve definitely stood to shrink. Today I have to tighten my belt so much that it becomes uncomfortable to keep my pants from falling off! All in all I’ve lost 6 lb in 25 days! Eating 3600 kcals per day! It defies logic and reason!

The idea that I’m becoming skinnier has been a bit shocking to some people. I’ve been poked and prodded by complete strangers who see me buy bananas by the 42 lb case. You need to gain weight!! they exclaim. But that isn’t true. What is true is that now I can wear a tight running shirt without looking like I have a beer belly. My figure is accurate and, dare I say it, even sexy! My hips and stomach now match my slim profile, and I’m very happy about that.

I can now build my body from the ground up. All of the bloat making me vaguely misshapen is gone, and this pays tribute to everything that the bananas-only diet is about: Purifying yourself, eliminating everything bad and being rewarded with the opportunity to start over, internally and externally.

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