The Bananas-Only Diet! Day 14

June 21, 2013


With three brief exceptions, I’ve been eating nothing but bananas for 13 days and 19 hours as of this writing. 30 bananas a day on average. My coworkers think that I’m crazy, my mom keeps reminding me that it’s socially isolating, but I couldn’t feel better.

Straying from Banana

Getting it out of the way, on the 8th day of the bananas-only diet, I ate some raw banana fudge which I made for my dad for Father’s Day — before you serve anything, you need to taste it yourself. On the morning of the 9th day I ate a tiny slice of raw cake that my mom made for me, because I’m not rude. And that evening I decided to try Stacy’s Pita Chips to see how my body responded to it — which I’ll discuss further below.

Stacy’s Pita Chips vs. Tanner (Banana Version)

How did my body respond to the Stacy’s Pita Chips? For context, we should first discuss what bananas can do for individuals. Bananas are a detox food — eating them helps the body get rid of toxins. So eating nothing but a lot of bananas for an extended period of time will, in (my unscientific) theory, purify your body — evidenced when (WARNING: TMI) you have to use the bathroom every few hours for #1 and #2.

Freelee — the woman who inspired me to take this up — calls the bananas-only diet a “cleanse”. I think that does the diet a disservice because there are loads of cleanses in the world with varying degrees of cleanliness. The bananas-only diet is special — it’s a purification. My body is in the purist state that it’s ever been, so when I introduced an impure substance into my body — even something as not-horrible as Stacy’s Pita Chips — I became physically ill. That bag of chips was effectively poison to my body, and I don’t plan on eating junk food — even “healthy” junk food — ever again.

I think a good rule for everyone to follow is that if it doesn’t expire (or at least significantly deteriorate) within one week of being on the shelf, it doesn’t belong in your body.

Dedicated to Banana

Other than the three above instances where I ate/tasted non-bananas, I’ve eaten only bananas — I have the empty 42 lb Turbana cases to prove it! Initially my goal was one week, but after examining my mind and body I’ve extended the goal to the full month, and will repeat the diet every six months. In other words, I’ll eat nothing but bananas for two months out of every year, though if any special events happen during those months I’ll revert back to raw-fruitarian-in-general for a meal or two.

In the eyes of virtually every single person who crosses my path, I’ve been doing the bananas-only thing for long enough — why continue to limit myself if I’m already purified? It’s decent logic, but the fact remains that I feel (and look) fantastic and my body hasn’t given me a single indication that I should stop this so soon. My energy levels are through the roof — as of this writing I’ve been awake for 30 hours and am fully cognizant.

The reason I’m not very tired is that I haven’t done any strenuous activity to make myself tired, meaning the bananas are giving me more energy than I’m expelling. I’ll get drowsy once I stop eating bananas — the idea that I can manipulate my sleep patterns is fascinating, isn’t it? Granted one can do this on a standard fruitarian diet, though it requires a bit more planning because different fruits have different attributes.

And what I mentioned above in passing is true, I do look better — everything that Freelee said would happen is happening — my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier, my nails are growing in harder, I’ve lost water weight, and my overall physiology has improved. I haven’t deteriorated in any way on this diet, though I have tangibly and intangibly improved.


As I discussed in a previous post, a bananas-only diet is nutritionally sound for a month because it has some of every nutrient that you need (excluding vitamins B12 and D), and at least 100% of most. Though “some of” isn’t a great idea long term — for most of the time we should be getting at least 100% of every nutrient that we need, and tackle cleanses/purifications only when we want to refresh ourselves.

I’m looking forward to the next 16 days.

4 Responses to “The Bananas-Only Diet! Day 14”

  1. ines Says:

    Did you lose weight over this period of time ?

  2. katleen Says:

    I’ve been doing the fruitarian diet (or raw) off and on for over a year now! During this time I ad to have a medical procedure. So I did a blood test. The nurse came in shaking her head and said “I don’t believe this. Ur hemoglobin count in ur blood is the same as an athletic 20 year old male!” I’m a 53 year old woman!
    Anyway, I KNOW the raw diet is THE best diet on the planet. But when ur around ppl who like to cook great food, its hard to be perfect…but that’s ok.
    So I decided to do just bananas now. Its my second day. Slept soooo well last night. Ill go for a week and then maybe keep going…lotsa bad reviews about just bananas…too bad…ppl don’t understand how addicted they are to salt and savoury foods…and the cleansing crisis…But thanku for ur post!!! It has encouraged me….its good to read ur post of ur findings! Love it!

    • Tanner Says:

      I just posted a new post detailing my blood test results on a month of bananas. Not that I like self promotion or anything, but here’s the link!

      And yeah, it doesn’t surprise me that you have fantastic hemoglobin levels – it comes with the territory!

      I’ve found that if you’re really craving cooked food, as long as it’s high carb vegan, don’t drive yourself insane trying to be pure (though stay away if it’s high fat vegan, and stay far far away if it’s not vegan at all)! I’m not going to say that cooked food is good, even if it’s high carb cooked vegan food, but it’s certainly better than going crazy trying to stick 100% to an idea.

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