The Bananas-Only Diet: Day 1

June 8, 2013

Today I started a short-term diet where I eat only bananas. At least 30 bananas per day, nothing else except water, for 1 week to 1 month. The idea is that I’ll have more energy and my overall physique will improve, and next Friday I’ll assess my body to confirm everything. I’m guessing that I’ll want to move forward through to a full month, but we’ll see.

I know that this sounds crazy, but Freelee uploaded a video recommending the cleanse and she makes a compelling argument for it. Her video really inspired me, and coupled with the data I present here it might inspire you too. This bananas-only diet is nutritionally sound, at least for the short amount of time (relatively) I’ll be on it.

My Stats 06/07/2013:
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Weight: 120 lb
Height: 5’8″
BMI: 18.2
Weight Goal: Maintain Weight
Calorie Ratio Target: 80% Carbs, 10% Protein, 10% Fats

Cron-O-Meter, a fantastic nutrition tracker that I use, takes the above data and calculates the amount of vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein, and fats which I need to be healthy and meet my goals. In percentages, the data which follows is the amount of each nutrient I get from eating 30 bananas in a day, relative to my daily requirements (as calculated by Cron-O-Meter). The nutrients which this diet is deficient in are in red.

(Note: The nutrients which don’t have a target aren’t listed.)

Kcals: 153%
Carbs: 196%
Protein: 75%
Fats: 51%

Fiber: 279%

Cystine: 170%
Histidine: 577%
Isoleucine: 105%
Leucine: 130%
Lysine: 125%
Methionine: 61%
Phenylalanine: 294%
Threonine: 140%
Tryptophan: 170%
Tyrosine: 54%
Valine: 136%

Omega-3: 69%
Omega-6: 11%
Saturated: 23%

B1: 105%
B12: 0% (which my B12 supplement addresses)
B2: 229%
B3: 170%
B5: 273%
B6: 1152%
Choline: 73%
Folate: 204%
Vitamin A: 14%
Vitamin C: 394%
Vitamin D: 0% (which sunlight addresses)
Vitamin E: 27%
Vitamin K: 17%

Calcium: 20%
Copper: 353%
Iron: 133%
Magnesium: 275%
Manganese: 479%
Phosphorus: 128%
Potassium: 311%
Selenium: 74%
Sodium: 3%
Zinc: 56%

In other words, bananas contain some amount of every nutrient that you need (ignoring vitamins B12 and D), and 30 bananas in a day without anything else is more than enough for most nutrients. Your daily needs will be different than mine unless you have my exact same build and goals, though a month — let alone a week — on this diet isn’t near-enough time for the select deficiencies to negatively affect your health.

Care to join me? :-)

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