A Familiar Interface

March 19, 2013

Tomorrow I’m going to upload an in-depth on my view of the future of computing, and what I don’t think it is, but it seems like a good idea to preface that article with this (albeit shorter) one.

On a public discussion on my Facebook page about the future of computing and interfaces, one of my friends proposed some ideas for what an Apple-made “iWatch” would do out-of-the-box:

1. Interface with Siri
2. Interface with Maps
3. Interface with Notification Center
4. Interface with the Phone app
5. Interface with Passbook

Apple already ships something with every iPhone that does most of the above, and more, and it utilizes our natural senses. Apple has actually been shipping this device for years: It’s the earbuds (now “EarPods”) which Apple includes with every iPhone.

Press and hold the middle button on the EarPod’s remote to activate Siri. Talk into the microphone (also on the remote) and you’re having a conversation with Siri. Ask her to take you somewhere, and she’ll tell you directions as you drive. You can also ask her to make phone calls for you, play music, send txt messages, set reminders and alarms, add calendar entries, and the list goes on. You can do all that without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Makes you wonder just how much of a void an iWatch could fill — notifications on your wrist, ooooohhhhhhhh — and just how future-thinking the idea is.

Apple already makes a wearable interface for the computer in your pocket. And Apple gives it away with every iPhone. It only differs from the rumored “iWatch” in that you wear it in your ears and not on your wrist. I hope this serves as food for thought.

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