Self Deprecating

March 11, 2013

As a blogger, the stereotypes surrounding “blogging” amuse me to a great deal. When someone asks me what I do, I often say that I’m a blogger (among other things) and I usually add something that plays to the stereotypes — I mock the profession and my role for comedy. Recently, however, a girl who aspires to be a novelist called me out on my behavior. She argued that I should be proud of what I do and that I should only say what I mean; being self-deprecating is almost offensive and a hint that I’m not proud of what I do, and it also can pass as lying.

I was effectively KO’d out of our conversation. Without any defense beyond “well, people find it funny”, that girl dropkicked me and followed up by delivering an elbow from the sky. She kicked me a few times when I was down, and then threw me out of the ring. Which leads me to this post.

If you’re ever proven wrong, you have a responsibility to embrace it. Rejecting the right ideas in order to satisfy your ego is a mistake, and above all being wrong is extremely healthy. If you’re right all the time, you’ll never learn anything; if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. I appreciate that the aforementioned girl beat me up with her words, because it’s proof that I’m very much alive, and I have an opportunity to share her insight with you.

In hindsight, self-deprecating behavior is bad taste. I won’t intentionally do it again, and I advise you to abstain from that brand of comedy. There are other ways to make people laugh.

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