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February 7, 2013

1. A Habitable Planet Might Be Only 13 Light Years Away

Eryn Brow, LA Times:

Scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., said Wednesday morning that an “Earth-like” planet — that is, a small rocky planet warm enough to have liquid water on its surface and potentially capable of hosting life — could be as close as 13 light-years away.

The biggest question in my mind is how we would decide who gets to move to this mystery planet and when it would happen. My guess is that, sometime in the far away future when technology has advanced and the earth is doomed, the upper class will be the first to make the journey. The middle class will be reluctantly included to retain a decent population (are there enough rich people having sex to keep a planet habited for the long term?).

Unfortunately, the lower class will be left to A) get hit by an asteroid, B) be consumed by the Sun when it becomes a red giant, or C) kill each other off fighting for the remaining non-perishable foods.

2. Letterpress Copied For Android

One of the best word games for iOS, Letterpress [App Store link] has been outright ripped off [Google Play link] by an Android developer. The name, gameplay, and even color scheme has been stolen. There are few things as shameful that one can do as a developer.

via @TwoLivesLeft on Twitter (which is via @mattgemmell on Twitter)

3. Gay Marriage Passes The British House Of Commons

Well it’s nearing full-on official. Again, I ask, why does the US have to be so behind the UK in something as basic as equality?

via Daring Fireball

4. Good Riddance, Westboro Baptist Church

Two more members of the Westboro Baptist Church are out of there, and apparently are now outspoken against it.

Welcome to the world, Megan and Grace Phelps. Do not count on it to easily forgive your former actions, however. You’ve got a lot of families of deceased children relatives to apologize to.

5. DreamWorks To Layoff Staff Because Moviegoers Don’t Like Its Films

Kristen Acuna, Business Insider:

Rumors are circulating that there’s about to be layoffs at DreamWorks Animation.
Cuts are expected to come to the studio’s production, technology, and overhead departments, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The changed film schedule follows the underwhelming performance of “Rise of the Guardians” last fall. Though the film eventually earned $300 million worldwide (thanks to a $200 million cushion from the foreign box office), its opening weekend was $23.8 million.

This is sad. While I haven’t enjoyed every single DreamWorks animated film that I’ve seen, hearing of layoffs in an industry that I care about is depressing. I wish the best for any DreamWorks employee that does get laid off, assuming that this rumor turns out to be true.

via FlipBoard [App Store link]

6. Shocker: A Girl Wants Justin Bieber To Stay Single

Admittedly, I have a whole lot of fun reading Justin Bieber gossip.

And admittedly, I do it primarily because it drives my friends insane.

via @cambio on Twitter

7. Is TV The Future Of Film?

“Celluloid Liberation Front” at IndieWire thinks that, because of the financial possibilities, filmmakers will move to creating TV shows instead of movies. As proof he/she cites shows like The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

I’m not sure if I buy this idea though, because it assumes that filmmakers work for money over art, and I’d wager it’s the reverse. But, what do I know?

via FlipBoard

8. Angry Birds Cartoon In The Spring?

There are signs of the apocalypse. This could be one of ’em!

What scares me the most, however, is this final quote:

Jordan Crook, TechCrunch:

Further down the line, Rovio has plans for a full-length Angry Birds feature film.


9. Not-So-Secret Secret Drones

It was revealed that the New York Times and The Washington Post covered up a CIA drone base for the Obama administration. It’s an odd cover up, however, since Fox News of all organizations already reported on it.

I’m not sure what’s worse, news outlets covering up stories at the request of our government, or the fact that our government requested it. Ignoring that, it’s a bit of an odd cover up since the story isn’t new; in fact I’d argue that the story has become worse now that we know our government worked with journalists to cover it up.

via @AdrianChen on Twitter

10. iPad mini, Month One

I picked up my first iPad mini (I exchanged the black model for the white model later) on January 3rd, and by my calculations I’ve been an iPad mini user for more than a month. For a month I’ve used both my 3rd generation iPad and iPad mini together, and there’s one question I haven’t answered yet: If I could only have one iPad, which one would I choose?

Thus far I’ve discussed at length the benefits of each iPad, but I haven’t taken a black or white stance. Would I choose the large iPad for its productivity chops, or the iPad mini for its “consumption” savvy and superior design? Going further, if I could only recommend a single iPad to the general population, which would I recommend and why?

If I could only have a single iPad, it would be the large iPad without question. The iPad mini is fine for basic typing, but it’s — how do you say? — f**k-all for long form typing. I type a lot of words every single day, and while it can certainly be done on the iPad mini, it would be cumbersome and my documents would be riddled with typos.

At the end of the day, the large iPad can do everything that the iPad mini does, although it does “consumption” tasks a little bit worse. So when measuring my needs, I need a productivity device more than a “makes many tasks easier and fun device”.

But which device would I recommend to the general population if I ignored individuals’ needs? I’d selfishly recommend the larger iPad. I want iPads to replace traditional computers outright, and for anyone wanting to be productive the larger iPad is the iPad for that. If everyone goes iPad mini, traditional computers will be around for a while because a lot of people type up more stuff than e-mails.

And there are other people that need to draw, or create and edit music or videos, and the list goes on. After a month of use I’m convinced that the iPad mini isn’t the device for that stuff, at least not yet or in the near future. Eventually new UIs will surface and the way we use our devices will change, but until then the iPad mini is overwhelmingly a “consumption” device.

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