21.5: Trying New Things

January 28, 2013

I dropped into the Oregon Buddhist Temple on Sunday to see what it’s like. I meditate enough where I need to at least get an idea of what I’m doing, and there’s no better place to do that than a Buddhist temple.

I’m not sure that the questions I had were answered, however the experience taught me a lot. The temple I attended practices Shin Buddhism, and I’m not gonna lie, it was weird being in a hateless place. There wasn’t an ounce of judgement towards any group in the world. What I was taught at the temple is that “everyone is one and one is everyone”.

After the service we did a fun activity, which was to write a haiku and present it. I was one of three people that was new, and one of the other two is transgendered. Her haiku announced to everyone that she is transgendered, and it received applause. I won’t name names, however that haiku probably wouldn’t receive applause in every religious institution. These people were refreshing to be around.

If anything, this was growth for me as person, which is the most important thing. Every experience adds to us as people, and we should always strive to learn new things. If you aren’t learning, you’re sedentary, which isn’t a place that’s good to be. Try new things. Go to a Buddhist temple. Just step out of your comfort zone.

And with luck you’ll even enjoy the new things that you try.

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