19: Help A Brother Out

January 24, 2013

1. Record Sales, Record Revenues, Record Profits: Apple Stock Down 10%

The stock market is a joke.

I wonder how much Apple’s share price would go up if Apple reported that it had 100% market share in phones and tablets but it gave the devices away for free and lost billions. Its stock would probably be through the roof.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Not Appearing in Man Of Steel As Batman

Mike Sampson, Screen Crush:

‘Man of Steel‘ will feature a post-credits scene cameo from Joseph Gordon-Levitt who will introduce himself as the new Batman! That was the sexy rumor from late-2012 and the explanation for how Warner Bros. would kickstart the ‘Justice League‘ buzz. Unfortunately it’s not true.

How tragic.

(Where’s a sarcasm emoticon when you need one?)

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3. Batman Rebooted In 2017?

Speaking of Batman, apparently we might see the next take on the franchise in 2017. Only if Man Of Steel is successful, though; which makes no sense, but Hollywood will do what Hollywood does.

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4. Nintendo: “We’re Sorry (Now Take This And Leave Us Alone)”

Not going to lie, I’m a Nintendo fan and wear my Pokéwalker proud. I’ve had every Nintendo console from the SNES upwards — except the Wii U which I really want — so, full disclosure there.

The company has been embarrassing with the Wii U though, and as much as I want one, the public presentations that I’ve seen and now this apology is just sad. Nintendo should be long finished with these new Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, and Super Smash Bros. games, and not “working on them“.

Nintendo is the best developer for its gaming systems by far, and it needs to release a very steady stream of titles at least for the near term.

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5. Odd How Things Work

Back on Apple’s hit in the stock market, apparently with today’s report, Apple has brought in “the largest corporate earnings in the history of the earth“.

Either I’m having a dream where things are backwards, or the investors that are tanking Apple’s stock price are outright mental.

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6. Quora Offers A Blogging Tool

Liz Gannes, All Things D:

So Quora is inverting itself, and offering a basic blogging tool, starting today.
This isn’t blog service with custom layouts and nifty widgets. It’s not a full competitor to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or even Medium. It’s a place to write good stuff and get read by the Quora audience.

Chalk this up as interesting and kind of cool.

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7. “Can you press the shutter when I look most compromised?”

This is even more interesting and more cool.

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8. Google Redesigning Image Search… For Keyboards

I’m all for redesigning things for the better, but I’m not sure that, in 2013, designing websites to be enhanced when using physical keyboards is forward-thinking. Especially for a company like Google which knows that the world is moving to touch-based systems.

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9. Ray Liotta In The Muppets… Again

It seems as if every week there’s more exciting news about the next Muppets movie. I’m starting to worry that all of this good news will hype us fans up way too much and we’ll be disappointed in the end.

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10. Caring

As you may be aware depending on how often you frequent this blog, I basically dropped my iPad (3rd gen) and it basically cracked which basically voided the warranty. Undeterred, I took it to my local Apple Store the following day to see if Apple would replace it for me. The iPad did have mild light bleed, so I had hoped that the “Genius” assigned to help me would overlook the grossly voided warranty and write it off as defective.

I walked out of the Apple Store fifteen minutes after I walked in, with a brand new, crack free 3rd gen iPad in hand. The bill should have cost me $299, but the Genius at the Apple Store ignored the voided warranty and gave me the new iPad for free. $299 effectively handed to me just-like-that.

And some people wonder why I always return to Apple for my computer purchases.

Obviously your mileage may vary and some Apple Store employees might not want to help you, but I’d wager that those people are the exception to the rule. Apple genuinely cares about its customers and would like to see them be repeat customers.

I don’t necessarily feel that I’ve earned the replacement iPad I’m typing this entry on; I feel slightly vindicated but only because I have friends who got amusement from my iPad cracking (“It wouldn’t have happened if it was in a case! Haha!”). I didn’t deserve a $299 replacement for free because of a mistake that I made, but Apple thinks that I should have it.

Apple effectively told my aforementioned friends to piss off, in so many words.

To people who think that this is an anomaly: If Apple’s policy was to outright not help out customers in self-inflicted distress, a lot of employees would be fired. Clearly there is a “bend the rules if you feel like it” clause somewhere in there.

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