18: Oh No! My iPad (3rd Gen) Fell And Cracked! :(

January 22, 2013

Well. Thankfully I at least gathered articles for today’s entry. I was saying goodbye to a cute girl and my iPad was on my lap, and it slipped and fell to the floor. The result:

Shattered iPad Corner

Hopefully Apple replaces it. Fingers crossed. I’m too in shock to write blurbs on the nine news articles I want you to check out, so what follows is just a few links. I’m stunned.

1. Wrath Of The Titans Insults Intelligence

2. Intel (Finally) Ramping Up Investment In Mobile

3. How To Limit iOS Device Time For Your Kids

4. Pope Benedict XVI Tweets In Latin

5. iPad or iPad mini?

6. iPhone 5 Jailbreak “Behind The Scenes”

7. First Kick-Ass 2 Photo

8. Surprise: Google Doesn’t Like Microsoft

9. Anti-Apple Anger

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