17.9: Celebrating Failures

January 21, 2013

Editor’s Note: Something I’ve noticed is that not a lot of news turns up on Sunday, which is when the Monday posts (editions?) are written to hit the 12:00AM EST time slot. I can certainly publish news from Fridays on Mondays, but by then the news is really old. So starting right now the two “.5” posts will be published on Sunday and Monday, with a collection of recent news turning up Tuesdays through Saturdays.

One of the questions on the Enstitute admissions application is “What is the failure that you most celebrate?” I’m not one to publicly publish my answer (yet) since I want people to come up with their own stuff, but the idea is fair to discuss. Why should we celebrate at least some of our failures, if not every failure?

A simple answer is that failing is a learning experience. Or maybe, in some cases, failing at one thing creates so much better opportunities that it’s worth celebrating. If we want to take a turn for the gloomy side of things, failing at something like suicide literally saves your life.

There are so many ways that failing can be construed as good that I shouldn’t need to give you an idea to plagiarize. Chances are that you lead a very unfulfilling life if you only succeed, and since you’re awesome (you have to be if you read this blog), you probably have a lot of failures worth celebrating.

A deeper answer to why failures should be celebrated, is that if they aren’t, we’d live in regret. Living in regret is what causes the suicide attempt that I hope you’d fail. Living in regret causes you to see what could have been, not what can be, and what could have been is a very dark place.

So celebrate your failures. Drink to them. I might drink to mine tonight. There’s a Mexican restaurant called Güicho’s by where I live, and they make really good margaritas. If you want to celebrate failures with me some time, it’s either Güicho’s or McMenamins depending on the mood.

And to be clear, there’s a difference between drowning your failures in alcohol and celebrating their existence with alcohol. If you’re an alcoholic consider celebrating with apple cider, that tastes good enough.

Also: Don’t drink and drive (I think that I’m legally required to say that).

This post has pretty much derailed itself, hasn’t it? Here, tap or click this link to read about a failure worth celebrating. Or if you don’t want to read the article, here are the three words that matter most:

3D is gone.

If anything, that deserves a trip to Güicho’s.

Happy failing!

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