13.5: It Just Crashes

January 11, 2013

I’ve been using Apple products seemingly exclusively over the past eight years, and I’ve come to expect a lack of “first world problems” to complain about. Anytime there is a software issue, Apple fixes it, and we all move on with our lives. The “Purchased” section of the App Store, however, is a glaring exception to that rule.

“Purchased” is one of the nifty things that came with iCloud in 2011, allowing iOS users to browse their entire app purchase history and re-download apps on-the-fly. Unfortunately since it’s release it’s been the single part of the iOS ecosystem that reliably crashes my iOS devices.

If I open up the App Store and tap the “Purchased” tab on my iPhone 4, and scroll for 30 seconds? Crash to the home screen.

What if I browsed the Purchased section of the App Store on my 1st gen iPad? It crashed.

My third gen iPad has 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor. So obviously it won’t crash like the iPhone and iPad before it? Nope. Crash.

As you may know I recently picked up an iPad mini. This is Apple’s newest iOS device, of course it will run flawlessly when browsing the Purchased section of the App Store, right? Wrong again Bob.

Crash, crash, crash, crash. On every iOS device that I’ve owned, old or brand new, since 2011 when Apple released that Purchased section in the App Store.

One can argue that the Purchased section of the App Store is probably the least important part of iOS and that I’m making a fuss over nothing. That I might be one of five people in the world who bothers to ever tap that tab, that maybe the reason it crashes is because I’ve downloaded a helluvalot of apps. But that isn’t the point. The point is over the course of my time as an Apple customer, I’ve come to expect a certain level of fit and finish with everything that Apple does.

It’s one thing for a 3rd party app to crash my iOS devices. It’s a completely different thing when the #1 cause of crashes on every iOS device I’ve owned since 2011 is something that comes bundled with them. It’s amazing that this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Apple does great, but it needs to do better.

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