12: Go Science!

January 8, 2013

1. Giant Squid Filmed Alive

The video kind of stinks, but this is pretty cool. Japanese scientists filmed a live giant squid, which is the first time that one has been captured on camera alive! This is exciting because it means now we can look for other camera shy sea creatures.

Despite my outright fear of the ocean, the idea that there are so many creatures we probably can’t even fathom living on the same planet as us is fascinating, and while we already knew that giant squids existed, seeing a live one on film that isn’t CG is fascinating.

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2. Dreamies

If you’re like me and miss Twinkies, you can thank Mrs. Freshley’s for filling the void with a little snack called “Dreamies“. After I get settled into my new home this weekend, I’m going to give Dreamiest a test drive. Here’s hoping that it can live up to Twinkies at least a little bit.

3. The New Way Teens Shame

The next big thing in cyber bullying is teens dissecting other teen’s pictures.

I wasn’t ever bullied — let alone cyber bullied — so I have a difficult time empathizing with these bullied teens. But it’s clear that a few parents need to take a course in parenting.

4. iOS Users Have Downloaded 40 Billion Apps

The best part about this story is the comments section; Engadget’s commenter base is so anti-Apple despite the publication being fairly neutral that it’s scary.

Aside from that, it’s pretty impressive that iOS users have downloaded 40 billion apps in less than five years — half if that in just 2012. Consider that the 40 billion number doesn’t include pirated apps, and it’s clear why iOS is a highly desirable platform for developers despite the elephant in the room Android’s presence.

5. Beat Underestimation

Christa Campbell, one of Texas Chainsaw 3D‘s producers, is proving people wrong with the success of her film. “I love that people underestimate me”, Campbell says, and while I’m not aware of how often she is underestimated, it’s a great sentiment.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something, take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. You’ll probably fail a lot, but there are few things as rewarding as beating expectations. Live for that and you’ll live happily.

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6. News: Justin Bieber Might Be Crazy

If rumors are to be believed, Justin Bieber calls his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez approximately 100 times per day.

I don’t buy this story, honestly, for a few reasons. Namely I’m not sure that Bieber has enough spare time to call an individual 100 times per day, and that Gomez is smart enough that she would seek a restraining order. Nonetheless, it’s fun to fan the “Bieber sucks!!!” fire among my peers.

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7. Huawei To Samsung: Top This

At CES yesterday, Huawei announced a 6.1″ smartphone which it calls Ascend Mate. I’m not aware of anyone with jeans that justify a 6.1″ phone, and what’s frightening is that this probably won’t be the only 6″+ smartphone released this year or next — infact 6.1″ might be viewed as small in a few years.

Please Apple, ignore this “trend”.

8. Goodbye, David R. Ellis

David R. Ellis, the director of Snakes on a Plane (which you may be aware is one of my favorite B-movies) passed away yesterday. He will be missed.

Not to be a shill for Netflix, but if you have an account, you can stream Ellis’s recent movie Shark Night. It’s a fun throwaway flick if you’re a B-movie fan.

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9. Huh

The designers of Microsoft’s Windows 8 logo, Pentagram Design, have redesigned NYC parking signs. I have little more to say than “huh”.

10. Being Wrong Redux

Part of the reason today’s post (Issue? Edition?) is a few hours late is that I spent more time talking with my associates than researching/writing. Probably the largest topic that we covered is pride; being immovable, right until proven wrong, creating straw men, etc. These types of discussions are healthy because they help to point out personality flaws that I choose to pretend don’t exist.

Yours truly, two months ago:

I make a whole lot of statements every day — it’s like an Olympic sport for me. Be it here, in person among physical people, or on Twitter or Skype, I talk a lot about things I know a lot about and things I know little about. Unfortunately I’m not right 100% of the time which is probably something to be expected. The most important thing is how I handle being wrong — I’d argue that it’s more important than being right.

Pride itself isn’t a bad thing, in fact I’m proud of a lot of things — but it’s when pride supersedes judgement that things take a turn from okay to not. I was very recently wrong in a very big way. Personally, I’m happy I was wrong, because it’s led to sometching so much better than the results that sticking to my guns would have yielded.

I decided to revisit this after a session of meditating followed by Screeching Weasel’s cover of I Can See Clearly Now, because I forgot what I myself wrote just two months ago. It’s true that I’m highly opinionated and have been for as long as I can remember, but my attachment to pride changed for the worse in a very short amount of time.

I’m at a point where I can say that my behavior is healthy — that drawing lines in the sand and alienating myself from others makes me an easy person to identify — or admit that I’m wrong and need to change. I believe that the latter is probably the healthiest thing to do. And if you find yourself in a similar slump, I hope that you have friends as good as mine who can call you out without judging you.

This is one situation where I really hope that I’m not wrong.

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