5.1: Your iCloud Account Has Spyware – Or Not

December 27, 2012

While I don’t tend to send e-mail, I do check it, and a bit of spam disguised as a warning message from Apple turned up in my inbox telling me that my iCloud account probably has spyware.

This is the sloppiest spam that made its way into my inbox. Check out the screenshot below:


The first thing that jumps out is that our spammer used the logo for iCloud’s predecessor, MobileMe. Steve Jobs very clearly announced MobileMe’s death at WWDC 2011, saying that as of that moment it ceases to exist. Apple itself would cease to exist before it sends out an e-mail with the MobileMe logo front and center.

The second issue is that spyware affects one’s computer, not an account on the web.

Third, there is no proverbial “Apple Team”. Apple has an iCloud team, and an iTunes team. There was a Campus Rep team which I was a part of in 2010. The only group of people that would count as an Apple team is its group of executives.

And fourth, which is the problem with all faux e-mail spam, is that the sender enoka@westnet.com.au, is far from an @apple.com e-mail address.

A bit of a fail, I’d say.

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