3.1: Facebook Disagrees

December 19, 2012

Mashable says that in 2013, websites will perform well on every type of device. There will be fairy dust and unicorns as web developers work to fix poor performance for touch-based devices.

As someone who doesn’t use a traditional computer, I would love this to be the case, but I think one has to look no further than Facebook — one of the most used websites by far — to see that websites will discriminate. High quality apps will be developed for iPhones, iPads, and similar devices, while the high quality browser experience will stick to PCs.

I use Facebook as an example simply because it has optimized its desktop site for desktop computers — it’s next to unusable on iPads — while the native app runs admirably. One can say the exact same thing about Twitter. And hell, a whole lot of websites that are dynamic stink on iPads.

Again though, I’d love to see browser-based websites perform as well on my iPad as on a PC. But leaders on the web like Facebook are showing that that isn’t the case.

As MG Siegler (“The other MG”) very eloquently said in a blog post about the future last month:

Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile…

via Twitter user @RonaldYau

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