2.7: Now That’s Embarrassing

December 18, 2012

TechCrunch is reporting a report that iOS 6 saw a 29% increase in adopters, most likely because of Google Maps [iTunes link] making its way onto the App Store, offering iOS users an alternative to Apple Maps.

I’m typically pretty good at finding some good news among any bad news for Apple, but there isn’t much to shine a light on here. I haven’t personally experienced many problems with Apple Maps — its walking directions did put me in the middle of the street once — but Google Maps actually had me living on a highway when I lived at my old apartment.

To say that Google Maps is some shining white knight would be a mistake, but Apple should feel embarrassed by this news. A 29% increase in users simply because a competing product is available is indicative a damaged brand image, and Apple has a lot of work to do to repair it.

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