12/17/2012.5: Instagram Hates You

December 17, 2012

Photo filter/sharing service Instagram has a new Terms of Service, and the Huffington Post has listed five changes to it that you need to know about.

Disclaimer before I continue: I haven’t ever liked Instagram because I’ve seen it as relatively purposeless. As much as I hate people being taken advantage of by services that they love using, now seeing other people dislike it has me a little bit gleeful.

One of the reasons I’m not a Google fan is because of its targeted ads practices. I get that it’s a way to make money, and money is the life blood of corporations, but I just find targeted ads a little bit creepy. Targeted ads are a fact of life and they’re next to impossible to avoid, but web-based companies that find other ways to earn revenue are respectable.

As far as I’m aware, Instagram is now going further than Google ever has when it comes to targeted ads. There are few things as personal and telling as photos, and the new Instagram Terms of Service give it the right to use the photos which you upload as it pleases.

Scary stuff.

via Twitter user @The_BORG

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