12/17/2012.3: Failing At College

December 17, 2012

StraighterLine is one of the alternative colleges that I’ve been paying attention to, and their blog always has read-worthy content. One recent blogpost lists five ways that students can fail college, and I completely agree with two of the reasons.

Mistake #3: Believe there is only one right way to go to college

I’ve written at length how traditional college is the way of the past and that open, online education is the future, and it’s an idea which I’ve seen a lot of backlash against. Traditional college isn’t exceptionally affordable, and it does require a whole lot of time in any given student’s day which can kill opportunities which might come up. I know that it’s prevented me from accepting two different jobs.

Mistake #4: Attending college because of the shoulds

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that people can make. I know that, at least for me, I stayed in traditional college as long as I did because I was expected to finish it. The decision to work on finishing my education through online avenues was made completely independently, and I think that it was a smart thing to do. I won’t lie, I decided to go to college mostly on my own as I didn’t want to spend more time in high school. But the reason I stayed longer than I had to is that I felt I would be a disappointment if I quit.

Read the article on StraighterLine’s blog which I linked to above, it’s pretty good advice which you should consider if you’re a student.

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