Being Wrong

November 2, 2012

I’m sure I’ve written an article relating to this topic somewhere, sometime, as it’s a topic which I’m highly familiar with. I make a whole lot of statements every day — it’s like an Olympic sport for me. Be it here, in person among physical people, or on Twitter or Skype, I talk a lot about things I know a lot about and things I know little about. Unfortunately I’m not right 100% of the time which is probably something to be expected. The most important thing is how I handle being wrong — I’d argue that it’s more important than being right.

And being wrong isn’t restricted to facts, by the way; Being wrong encompasses all choices, be they questions on a quiz or having a 4th shot of tequila on an empty stomach. Anyone who says that they are never wrong are lying — I mean that statement alone is wrong! Wrongness itself is a simple fact of life, and people who don’t understand that for whatever reason aren’t living life to their fullest. And these people do exist, you can find them everywhere you can find pride.

Pride itself isn’t a bad thing, in fact I’m proud of a lot of things — but it’s when pride supersedes judgement that things take a turn from okay to not. I was very recently wrong in a very big way. Personally, I’m happy I was wrong, because it’s led to sometching so much better than the results that sticking to my guns would have yielded.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I started a webcomic a day after I stated that I wouldn’t until 8 years from now. Initially I had planned it as a 10th Blogging Anniversary thing. You know, after 10 years of publishing only text-only content, I’m going to tackle visual storytelling as well. Also I had planned to practice my drawing so that, in 8 years when I would start publishing a webcomic, I’d be ready to create something that looked good. A perfect plan, I thought. Fortunately a good friend of mine disagreed.

His argument opposing my idea was, that if I started publishing now, I’d be really good in 8 years. And further, if you have a story to tell, you should tell it and not wait. I have basically no counter to that argument and so I decided to admit I was wrong, and created Seizure Prone. The first strip was published a little under a week ago as of this writing, and until further notice it’s only updated once per week, each Saturday.

There’s no shame in admitting that you were wrong and to change course. By admitting that I was wrong, I finally get to give Johnny — the protagonist — a measurable life. He’s been a friend-in-my-head for a while, and he’s turned up a few times in my blogs as either a narrator or an example-person. Telling his story makes me happy, even though at present his story is kind of depressing me. If I chose to be stubborn and be immovable, and keep to my “10th Blogging Anniversary” thing, Johnny and the world surrounding him would still be locked away. Now THAT is a depressing thought.

So the only legitimate solution is to put up with my terrible drawings now, and hope that my skills will improve over time. Say very publicly that I was completely wrong when I made that 8 year statement. Then move on and continue to create content — articles and webcomics — without a grand plan and/or pride holding me back.

I suggest that you behave the same way. Being immovable usually hurts no one except yourself.

Uh oh… This isn’t a tech or film related entry… Maybe I should work on getting back on track for next week!

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