Fanboys Part II

October 31, 2012

I wrote an entry a little while ago about how the term “fanboy” is more irritating than accurate, and it drew both nods of agreement and ire. So it’s time to reiterate!

So, let’s define the term. As far as I’m aware, it’s an implication that an individual shows blind devotion to a company — that he will buy virtually anything a company sells simply because they sell it, and are publicly shameless with their devotion.

Perhaps my problem with it is how liberally the term is used, especially when it comes to Apple fans. The way “fanboy” is typically applied is to discredit an opinion opposite your own. You’re just a fanboy, so you’re not objective and your opinion doesn’t count is the counter-argument in all its immaturity.

Are there people in the world that are blindly devoted to companies? Sure. I even have 11 Apple-branded shirts that I wear regularly. By all accounts I’m a “fanboy” but I detest that as opinion rather than fact.

Only people insecure of their own opinions will cut others down derogatorily to “win”. The term “fanboy” is inherently stupid and has no place in anyone’s vocabulary. And that’s the point.

And if you don’t view it as a derogatory term, ask yourself, why don’t you just use the term “fan” as the descriptor? It saves you an entire syllable and it has a single meaning when describing a person.

By the way, I’m finally almost finished moving homes completely! I’m at a party right now, by the way, so please excuse the length of this entry… It’s tapped up completely on my iPhone. :-)

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