Comic Apology #1

October 16, 2012

I've let you guys down by not meeting my promised publishing schedule. (I wonder if I can use this opportunity for evil... Maybe next time...) I've just been in this weird funk lately. So what can I do to rectify this? #1: I'm sorry. #2: Today I'm finishing 3 articles and will publish them on time. This will be an ongoing practice. #3: To prove that I'm sorry, here's a very incriminating photo of kid-me for you to laugh at.

(Tap or click image to enlarge)

Update: This comic was updated. The text is nearly identical, but the speech bubbles are arranged better. The original comic-apology can be found here.

Update 2: For fun, I went ahead and replaced “real” me with bad pictures of me that I drew a long time ago for one of the “Apology” comics on my old blog. Check out the cartoony version of this one here.

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