Some Updates

October 9, 2012

As you know, if you’re reading this we got through 1313 Week alive. There was a few days of inactivity where I appeared dead, but that isn’t the case. A little voice called Johnny did find his way into my head, though…

Anyway, 1313 Week was a very good learning experience and it’s going to shape a lot of how this blogs will be run from now on, and it solidified some beliefs that I had and even killed others. Here are changes that you can expect to see immediately and why:

For this week, and probably others, I’m going to try to have an article published every single day. With the delay I had not getting the final 1313 review up, I realized that I really need to push myself more than I have been. If I don’t, I’ll slip away into laziness, and practicing a daily publishing schedule is the way to do that.

Topical weeks like 1313 Week — something I already announced — will definitely have a future on (slightly) unkommon, however ones from now on will be handled better. Of note is that, while a lot of people wanted reviews of the 1313 franchise, most of my readers didn’t, and I alienated you guys for an entire week. That can’t happen again, it shouldn’t have ever happened, and I’m sorry.

The next two weeks of articles on (slightly) unkommon will be mostly tech-related, as the film and tech archives need to even out. Expect to see a lot about education, Twitter, and maybe even a little bit about Apple! Once the two archives are evened out, the categories will rotate each day. The strength (and weakness) of this blog is its dual-topical approach, and I need to work on that.

That’s about all that I want to say at present, and thank you for reading!


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