Movie Review: 1313: Night of the Widow (2012)

October 8, 2012

So this is it. The end. The review which I’ve been waiting to write since 1313 Week began. Spoiler: I’m happy to report that we get to end it on a high note; This is the movie from the 1313 franchise that I’ve wished for as I put myself through Hell for four days. I hope you enjoy this review and I promise that this blog won’t return to the 1313 franchise for a very long time.

Written by Moses Rutegar and directed by David Deoteau, Night of the Widow surrounds an unorthodox funeral for Michael (Jake Lockett) — a now former millionaire who married a psycho, and his five friends who attend the service in Michael’s mansion. One thing leads to another, and as chaos ensues Michael’s friends learn that it might be their funeral too.

The acting isn’t all that terrible — the actors aren’t good actors, but in context their performance is okay for this movie. They come across as real enough where I’m comfortable not saying that these actors are doing a disservice to cinema. Maybe Louis Ferrigno Jr. comes across as weird and maybe Andrea Stine is irritating despite being cute. Otherwise, no complaints, take that as you will.

The writing is surprisingly okay; I think that of what I’ve seen, Night of the Widow has the best writing of the 1313 franchise. That isn’t saying a lot, but this is the first movie of the franchise which I buy from start to finish. I buy the characters’ relationships with each other. I buy how they act, I buy the drama. On top of all that I buy that people don’t take their shirts off to socialize!

It’s genuinely hard to believe that Rutegar, Night of the Widow‘s writer, also wrote Wicked Stepbrother and Billy the Kid, the quality is night and day! Rutegar must have had a revelation somewhere, because it’s hard to imagine that the person who wrote this movie is the same person who wrote Wicked Stepbrother. It seems vaguely impossible!

Honestly I’m torn on this. On one hand, Night of the Widow is a little fun and DeCoteau and Rutegar did a good job making me like a few of the characters. On the other hand it isn’t really that great. Of the seven 1313 movies which I’ve seen so far, this is the best in terms of character development, story, and even originality. Taking all of that into consideration, with the fact that this is the end of 1313 Week, I’m going to give it a pass.

It probably isn’t worth your time, but Night of the Widow is on Netflix USA as of this writing if you do want to check it out. It’s honestly bad, but think of it as the lesser of seven evils.

As a sidenote, I’m all for cutting costs, but I feel that I’ve seen the same mansion used as a set for DeCoteau’s 1313 movies way too many times. This isn’t a valid point against Night of the Widow, but it is against the 1313 franchise as a whole. DeCoteau has proven that the 1313 franchise has the budget for other sets, with Hercules Unbound! and Billy the Kid being that proof. Using this tired mansion set is lazy. At least switch up mansions.

That said, most people probably won’t watch more than one of these movies, and as such won’t have the chance to experience déjà vu — lucky them! However, I do expect at least a micron of originality in production, and if you’re a filmmaker and you use the exact same set over and over and over, it’s disheartening to people like me… we’re suffering enough!

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