Guest Post: Watch More Movies, You Have The Technology (Bernardo Villela)

September 25, 2012

Editor’s note: Hey guys, Montana here. I’ve been sick since this afternoon and have been unable to write clearly. Fortunately a great guy and a great writer, Bernardo Villela, decided to save the day by subbing for me. I hope that you enjoy his following contribution as I have.

Ah, writing a guest post and all the dangers that it could incur. Fear not readers, I’ll try not to soapbox too much and not bore you to extremes. In the spirit of that remark, please forgive this rambling, meandering beginning as typically my guest posts or contributions have had a specific topic or movie assigned.

Seeing as how I’m in quite the stream of consciousness mood at current, perhaps my topic of discussion should be something that’s foremost in my mind at the moment. And what might that be?

Today, I viewed three films: one on Netflix, one on Amazon Instant Video, and lastly, one on DVD. Two of my biggest core beliefs cinematically are related: One, there are plenty of good movies out there, you just have to go out there and find them. Two, give yourself as many opportunities as you can to find them.

Before even getting into any kind of specifics I want to point out: I don’t want to dictate taste (nor should anyone), and no one knows what you’re predisposed to like better than you do. Yes, we’ve all been surprised by movies if we watch enough, but you know what your looking for, what you want to see; more often than not. Therefore, if you afford yourself the opportunities, and yes, endure many a thing that don’t work for you, you’ll find more movies you like.

I’ve only gotten into trying to avidly chronicle my movie-watching again recently. I know when I was younger and I’d rent/buy older movies and only see one, maybe two new movies on a weekend such that my total viewed for the year would be much lower than it was say last year. Part of the reason I have any idea is that I am tracking new films to assemble my own personal awards (Search: BAM Awards on my site if curious), which I created in a fit of rebellion and continue to this day. So, now I see more movies. Yes, I dislike more than before, but I also find more I like. Are as many films I see really something that stand out? That are special? Not really. Now, this may be a better year than most, so if I broke down my ratings, it may seem to prove me wrong but every few years there is an aberrant year.

The number of films I now see, and the quality thereof, has increased because I’ve tried to take advantage of as many means of viewing them as possible. Which mean not only multiplexes, but art houses when possible, Netflix (I’m one of the minority still on Instant and Disc), now Amazon Instant Video also, Redbox on occasion, the Library once in blue moon, DVDs, Blu-Rays and so forth.

Filmmaking and film-viewing stand on new frontiers. Distribution is a much more complicated thing than it ever was, and if we all play are cards right it can be great for all.

One of my vices is hearing about movies and tracking them until their release. But now with Twitter there’s so much more information, I become aware of so many more films. One example would be that the Best Foreign Language Film candidates are being submitted to the Academy through October 1st. Each of those submissions is reported by the trades (e.g. Hollywood Reporter, Variety). Many of them I catch, I read synopses of and become intrigued. Spain’s entry last year was somewhat controversial for being less “Oscar-Friendly” and not being directed by a maquee name like Almodovar. I just hunted down a region 2 disc of it, it was my DVD selection of the day.

Movies I, or anyone, can’t see bug me. As technology advances that is seemingly a lesser and lesser problem, especially with studios opening Movie on Demand distribution arms for their older, niche titles, which I hadn’t even touched upon until now!

If you’re a movie lover who’s frustrated with the mainstream there are plenty of other avenues to plunder for something off the beaten path that’s right up your alley (Pretty puntastic, no?). In all seriousness, that’s really one of the best things going, and if your head spins merely from the thought of scouring so many sources there are also great new sites such as WatchIt who can alert you when films become available on various platforms.

So if you’ve been struggling to find something good to watch, you can fix it. You have the technology.


Bernardo is the writer/editor of The Movie Rat. Most recently, Bernardo formed a new production company (Miller-Villela Productions, LLC) where they have many projects in the works, and is currently in pre-production on the original horror feature All Hallows’ Eve. You can read a more verbose version of his bio there if you’re so inclined.

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