Thinking With Thumbs

February 19, 2012

An article was recently published at Fast Company about maximizing smartphone usability by prioritizing apps via location on screen. While I agree with the general idea, the article goes into little detail. I think that I can add a thing or two.

This is my iPhone’s home screen.


This is what it looks like when the apps that my right thumb can’t comfortably reach is hidden.


In words, when my iPhone is rested in my right palm, and I rotate my thumb clockwise from bottom-to-top without stretching or scrunching, the above apps are the apps within reach.

And as a general rule, apps decrease in importance the higher they are. Here’s a more helpful graphic. (If you’re left handed, flip the below image vertically.)


Green: First priority
Red: Second priority
Blue: Third priority
Yellow: Fourth priority
White: Fifth priority

Obviously not every iPhone user holds their iPhone the same way, I don’t speak for everybody. But no matter how you hold it, the apps your thumb reaches when rotating are the most reachable, and logically should be the most important to you.

Customize your home screen based on that fact and your iPhone’s home screen will feel more natural than ever.

Via The Verge

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