Review: Stocking Stuffers

February 18, 2012

Last year I reviewed Beneath The Veneer Of A Murder (here), an experimental short film by Angel Connell that tests the audience’s perceptive abilities. This year I have the privilege of reviewing its predecessor, Stocking Stuffers, and here are my thoughts.

As with Beneath The Veneer Of A Murder, Stocking Stuffers opens up resembling a better-then-average porn flick. However unlike Veneer, Stocking Stuffers exploits a certain fetish and, interestingly enough, lingerie ads. With an introduction that defines cheese and a series of faux advertisements, Connell succeeds in expressing the absurdities that he wants to.

The cast is fantastic, with Christy Cashman starring as “The Woman” and Eric Scheiner as “The Man”. The two display chemistry on screen, and that they’re having fun in their respective roles is no secret. Enthusiasm from the cast is one of the most important things a film needs to be entertaining, which is one of the reasons Stocking Stuffers works.

What makes short films tough to review is that there isn’t much content to write about. Stocking Stuffers amounts to roughly one eleventh of the duration of a ninety minute flick; there isn’t a whole lot to go off of. Connell told me a while ago that not many people are open to reviewing shorts, and I’d wager that this is one reason why.

(I want to write more than 250 words, I really do. But I can’t without describing too much.)

Nevertheless, Stocking Stuffers is fun. If you’re lucky enough to run across it, be sure to check it out.

Stocking Stuffers on IMDb
Angel Connell’s Website w/ Contact Info

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