Guest Entry by Brendan O’Connell

July 30, 2011

Enjoy this guest entry by the talented Brendan O’Connell, an awesome guy (and fellow Apple fan) who is covering for me while I’m out for the weekend!

The Tragic Fall of Wonder Woman: The Failure of an Unaired Show

Comic books are a classic starting point for many major movies and television series. Considering the recent rise in popularity of comic books, think Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Green lantern, Captain America, it’s not surprising that someone would want to make a television series based on a well known character.
Last year, NBC made headlines by announcing a new Wonder Woman live-action TV series. Critics were harsh of the script, the costume, and the actress all before any video was actually seen. While the production company persevered to make a complete pilot, it would fail to have a viewership on any major network. Thankfully the internet has come through yet again to provide us with this leaked pilot. While of course I will never give away source secrets, I will say that perhaps there is a reason this never made it to air.
Bottom line is, it’s bad. Really bad. Like lose any admiration of Diana the Amazon Princess you may have had bad.
Lynda Carter was the most notable person to play the character, and she did so pretty well. Adrianne Palicki, the new Diana Prince, will be known for a failed pilot which was supposed to premiere this fall. The pilot has Diana, often called just Di in the episode, fighting against an evil drug company that has been giving growth formulas to kids that had a future in sports. She feels the need to mention that all of these kids are from “the ghetto”. Not only is she doing things completely illegal, it’s a ridiculous premise that has her calling out another company with absolutely no evidence. Last time I checked that was slander, but let’s move on. After determining that it really was this evil company she decides that she needs to break into the lab and get to the other test subjects. This is the redeeming 3 minutes of the show and they are pretty neat. She kicks ass, unfortunately this is nowhere to be seen in the other 40 minutes of the show. There’s some side story about her boyfriend, but ultimately it’s unremarkable and forgettable.
Now, let’s talk about the actual show. Personally I believe the script is what failed the show. Palicki is not a terrible actress, the costume looks good, special effects, lighting and filming are all up to the standards of network television. But the thing is that this is freaking Wonder Woman, it has to better than everything. It’s the same reason that the reboot of Bionic Woman failed. The show looks fake and drops any of the realism that current superhero movies are trying to portray. The dialogue doesn’t help at all. It sounds like a guy with a very basic knowledge of the character wrote it and filled in the rest with dumb jokes. My favorite lines come from the character’s villain Veronica Cale:
V: All my life I’ve been a victim of envy. women wish they were me and men wish they could….well I guess you get that a bit too. Do you envy me diana? Do you perhaps worry that I am developing athletes with strength that rivals your own?
D: Did you actually come here to threaten me in some way?
V: Pharmaceutical industry has congress by the balls As Im sure you can imagine, their balls come particularly easy to me.
There are many more cheesy lines and dumb cliches, but I won’t make you suffer like I did. Who ever it was that decided to not let this air made a good decision and saved the company a good amount of money.. Though I imagine David E. Kelley was able to spend quite a bit of money before the project was shut down. Now you know why there will not be a Wonder Woman show this year. Not because it couldn’t be done, but because it was just too bad. They should have gotten better writers, a better director, and a larger budget and made a decent movie out of it.

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