Au Revoir, Google

July 20, 2011

Earlier this week when I transitioned from Blogger to WordPress with my Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Google+ entry, I quit using Google services. Blogger was the last service by Google that I was using, and now that WordPress is my blogging platform of choice, my life is void of Google. I still intend to test Google services in order to restrain from ignorance, since I hope to be a responsible tech writer. But otherwise, Google is dead to me, and it has been a long time coming.

Why, you ask? My reasoning is very simple, and putting more than an iota of thought into it will strain your mind: I don’t like Google. I don’t like most of Google’s services. I don’t like Google’s attitude, and I don’t like Google’s actions more. I rail against Google on a regular basis in debates and discussions about Google’s services. In order to put my money where my mouth is, and not be hypocritical, I need to quit being one of Google’s products. It really is that simple.

Now if you also desire to quit Google and you have a hardware setup similar to mine, pay attention. The following are the products/services I use in place of Google’s offering(s):

Bing Search / Google Search
Safari / Chrome (Browser)
iOS / Android
Mac OS / Chrome OS
MobileMe + Facebook Messages / GMail
Facebook + Twitter / Google+
iWork / Google Docs
WordPress / Blogger

See, it isn’t that hard. Do note, however, that I don’t count YouTube as a Google service. You can say that I’m cheating by claiming that, which is a fair criticism. But YouTube was YouTube before Google purchased it, the YouTube folks still have their own offices, and on top of that, every YouTube video I watch is in Apple’s YouTube app on my iPhone and iPad. Meaning, the front-end I see is Apple’s work, and the YouTube app on iOS is about as Google-less as one can get. That said, you can find me in the VEVO app more than in the YouTube app anyway. ;-)

Why I don’t like Google is a topic which I will likely cover in the days, months, and years ahead as Google continues to release new services. I will credit Google any time I see credit is deserved, and I won’t when it isn’t. My ban on Google services is not future proof, as I’m in no position to say that in five years from now Google won’t have created a service that compels me to return. And there’s always the nuclear possibility, which is for Google services to be ubiquitous enough that I’m forced to use them. But today is not that day… Today, we fight.

As a sidenote, I’d keep an eye out for this little search engine when it’s released. It’s called Ness, and from what I hear, it’s promising. ;-)

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