3D, Part II

June 22, 2011

In an earlier entry I reasoned why 3D tech is the future of cinema, for better or worse. But another 3D-related trend is kicking into high gear, which is 3D displays on handheld devices. Nintendo brought that to the mainstream with the Nintendo 3DS, and apparently HTC is entering the arena with the upcoming HTC Evo 3D (the marketing campaign is terrible, by the way).

I can live with 3D cinema as long as filmmakers use the tech correctly, but the technology needs to stay off of handhelds. I have tested the Nintendo 3DS and it really hurts the eyes when playing games. And that makes sense, 3D technology is used predominantly in cinemas or large displays because that’s where it works. We squint enough as is to view graphics on a tiny display, adding 3D graphics into the equation makes viewing content more difficult… This isn’t an issue with large displays.

That said…

There is genuine utility for 3D technology, aside from eye candy in films. The best potential use I can think of is for designing structures prior to building them. We currently get by with mapping structures out in 2D, which is fine, but nothing like being able to interact with a 3-dimensional image of a project. Then again, I’m sure that would be best on a large display. ;-)

Verdict for 3D displays on pocket devices? Dead on arrival. Until Apple reinvents 3D and makes it awesome. :-p

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