Shadow Era

June 20, 2011

Callng all card gaming geeks! Sick and bedridden yesterday, touring the iOS App Store on my iPad, I discovered a neat little (Digital) collectible card game called Shadow Era [iTunes link]. It is cross platform, available for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch, Android devices, Mac OSX, Windows, and the game is completely online multiplayer (Meaning, an Internet connection is required to play it).

Shadow Era is free to play, however you can purchase currency within the game, which is used to buy digital booster packs to make your playing deck with. Note that you can earn that currency for free, it just takes an excrutiatingly longer amount of time to earn than buy. Since I have no money, after an entire day kickin’ it in bed, I have an almost-complete badass deck built. As it stands, I win about four out of every five online matches I play.

If you are into trading/collectible card gaming, I highly suggest you check out Shadow Era. With my day of testing, it is clearly an alternative to the traditional card games, and I have played a lot of ’em over the years. Shadow Era is available on every platform except Windows Phone 7 and the “other” platforms that nobody knows about. Maybe you will run into me, my gamer handle is MGLeet. See you around. :-)

For more information, check out the official Shadow Era website.

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