Short Review: King Cobra

May 25, 2011

When one talks about films of their childhood, what’s discussed is typically children’s classics. While I too saw those, the defining films of my childhood are about giant snakes that eat people. King Cobra is one of ’em, for better or worse. To this day I will gleefully watch any movie with giant snakes and my adoration for Anaconda is the Achilles heel of my credibility. Embrace that and read further.

Getting right into it, King Cobra is about a 30 ft, genetically altered King Cobra/Diamondback Rattlesnake hybrid that kills a lot of people (even eating one whole!) in a small town. The town’s only hope is a small group of doctors and scientists—Among them, Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi!) as a badass snake expert. The plot is thin, the acting is voided, the special effects are phoned in, but this film is awesome for the avid giant snake fan.

Really I can’t say much more about King Cobra… I could, but it would just be rambling, since the previous paragraph is really all one needs to know. It’s a ridiculous film and if you don’t have an attachment to all things giant snakes, this is to be avoided. If you’re like me, watch it and love it. If you have a Netflix account you can easily find it for viewing on demand there. :-)

Now, time for an Anaconda(s) marathon… (Even the 3rd & 4th, gasp!)

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